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2014 04 14 Poetry: The Second Week of April April 14, 2014

Spring is finally here and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The winter months have taken their toll on us all and we welcome the warming rays of the sun.

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope you all are grabbing a piece of the sunshine for yourselves.

Here’s another poem I wrote a couple nights ago. Enjoy.



The Second Week of April

The second week of April is knocking at the door.
The snow drifts are melting fast, but it’s never fast enough.
It’s been a long, hard pull through a cold arctic night.
The trees wake from their winter slumber and begin to stretch their limbs.
The starlings are moving north a little earlier than usual this season.
News must travel fast about the tasty black oil seed.
The blue jays, cardinals and finches, they’ve always known.
The mourning doves don’t really care, as long as the feed keeps coming.
There’s heavy construction equipment in the blue spruce out near the garage.
The robin family is hard at work remodeling their nest.
They have been patiently waiting to do their choreographed spring stomp across the lawn.
A more entertaining vaudeville act you will never find.
The crows sit on high and guard the ridge at day’s first light.
Nothing much gets past them, but then again, nothing much ever happens.
that certain, sweet smell of spring tumbles on in from the south.
The frosty April nights remind us all of winter’s frozen song.
Day by day, the sun climbs higher in the southern sky.
The culvert out front sings aloud with springtime’s rushing thaw.
The second week of April is waiting patiently at the front door.
Come on in and make yourself at home, my old friend.


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Be well.


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