Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2014 04 11 Poetry: This April 11, 2014

Morning folks. Well, it’s still National Poetry Month, and I’m still writing poetry. The following is a poem I wrote a month or so ago. It wraps itself around one of my true passions. A passion that I can never seem to get away from for any length of time. I am fortunate and blessed because of it.

Have a wicked good day, and here we go.




This is a pair of gentle, soothing hands.
This is a meadow packed full of flowing summer color.
This is wrap around, hold you close, tucked in tight bliss.
This is a hand up, a walk through, a stroll along the river.
This is passed down from the old to the new.
This is a jar packed full of home made sweetness.
This is a mother’s smile on a rainy day.
This is a bowl full of your favorite ice cream.
This is a wide eyed grin from a brand new babe.
This is a timeless touch from a tone that carries the verse.
This is a heart pounding trip through the bars of harmonic bliss.
This is a soothing lullaby, in stereo.
This is a golden ray of sunshine.
This is a melodic epidemic with no need for a cure.
This is a sweeping passion, right at your fingertips.
This is the combination to my soul.
This is pure emotion at its best.
This, is music.



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