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2014 04 08 Poetry: Parallel April 8, 2014

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In recognition of National Poetry Month, here you go again. A poem by me, for you.
Thanks for visiting my blog, and I hope this finds you well.




Parallel trips through a perpendicular dream
Bad advice for a good reason
King sized sheets on a queen sized bed
A can opener in an empty mayonnaise jar

A cold front moving through a warm day
A Pine cone hanging from an oak tree
Hop scotch chalk in the middle of the road
A flat tire on a brand new bike

A mud puddle on a freshly tarred road
A mail box flag hanging straight down
Twisted wind chimes on a breathless day
the last five pages ripped out of a book

An eighth of a tank and a busted gas cap
Three knots in a frayed shoelace
A cracked windshield with no rear view mirror
Two loose buttons in the washing machine

A garage door with a rotted stoop
Two dog houses facing each other on either side of a fence
A rock pile where a barn used to stand
Five cats chasing a dog

Bad memories of a wonderful day
Ripped linoleum in a brand new home
An apple tree with christmas lights
An empty chair in a crowded room

Two people, two dogs, a busted furnace and a mortgage
A frying pan with no handle
Yesterday’s paper full of tomorrow’s coupons
Six coffee mugs with no covers

Two morning doves in the evening light
A two legged stool leaning against a hole in the wall
a broken swing in an empty playground
An elm tree growing up through a lilac bush

A TV remote with a missing battery cover
An empty ice cube tray in a broken freezer
Egg shells crushed on the bathroom floor
A yellow blinking light on an empty street

A broken knob on a busted door
A one way sign on a two way street
An abandoned car in a deserted parking lot
A dog eating from a bowl of cat food

A zucchini plant in a pumpkin patch
A substitute teacher on the last day of school
A chickadee looking at a bluejay watching a woodpecker eating the suet
A box of busted crayons on top of a black and white TV
A crock pot full of Oreo cookies

A blind billy goat sitting in front of a computer


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