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2014 04 07 Poetry: Car April 7, 2014

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A Poem by DP Lyons

The wind whistles in through the barely open window
the smattering of tires on wet pavement strains the concentration
Frayed Windshield wipers sway back and forth like a gold pocket watch
Restless fingers tap on a cracked dashboard

Rear view mirror reflects a foggy past
The radio fades in and out of an oldies station
A lone maple leaf clings to the wiper for dear life
Three empty cans roll back and forth across the back seat floor mat

A busted belt buckle lies empty across a torn vinyl seat
The car turns sharply left while a hubcap quickly rolls right
A tire jack in the trunk slams against a busted cooler
The glove compartment door springs open, again

The cup tray hangs straight down
The volume knob for the radio falls off, again
The right rear speaker rattles and vibrates as a song on the radio hits a low note
The engine belt slips and squeaks, again

The needle on the gas gauge reads one eighth of a tank
The check engine light flickers on and off, again
As you turn sharply right, a warped, empty cassette case slides across the dash to the left
The jack in the trunk slams into the busted cooler, again

She looks over at you and grabs your hand as you wink, smile and step on the gas


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