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2014 04 07 Essay: But For A Moment April 7, 2014

But For a Moment

If I could see again, even if but for a moment, I would reach out and grab the vision with my heart, my mind and my soul. I would savor the flavor, like the first ice cream cone of June. I would cherish the feeling that raced through my veins and tingled my fingers and toes. I would remember, and then, I would never forget.

If but for a moment or two I could see the colors of the day, If I could watch the movement of the wind, If I could catch a glimpse of the cardinal as it danced through the maple while singing its morning song, I would run with the emotions, trying to find the words to describe the palette of life that was taking shape right before my very eyes. I would grab the visions quickly and store them away in the safest place I could find. I would replenish my memories of yesterday with the experience of the day, of this day, of any day.

A smile from my son, the shimmer of the sun as it bounced off a field of snow, a rainbow of flavor in a patch of zinnias, the sparkle at the water’s edge, a hint of blue in a cloudy sky, the hands of a clock, whatever I could see, whatever I could gaze upon, whatever I could catch out of the corner of my eye would be heaven, my heaven.

If I could see what I hear, If I could look at what I touch, if I could lay my eyes on the magic that is, I would wipe away the tears of joy and try to catch my breath. All of the faces I have never seen, all of the growing up my grandson has done, all the ways my wife has grown into the beauty of her that I have tucked away in my mind, in its own unique way, it would all seem to come true.

If I could see, again, if only for a brief moment or three, I would inhale deeply the wonder of the gift, and then, the sightless visions I have formed in my mind would be forever complete.


2 Responses to “2014 04 07 Essay: But For A Moment”

  1. River Road Says:

    Deon, I loved reading this today. I throughout about the container that I would find to put those visions in, to keep them for bringing out on days when I feel a longing to see them again. Maybe I would put them in Bell Jars, line them up on a shelf in my library. Maybe I could put some in the kitchen, where I could have access to them as I made the morning coffee. Perhaps a jar or two in the bathroom, what a sight that could be as I lounged in my afternoon bath. But, I guess the best place to keep them is in my own thoughts, where nothing can take them away from me. Lynda

  2. wwannwrites Says:

    Deon, I have never been able to see with my eyes, but I visuallize everything. Maybe you can see those things you speak of again in your heart and mind. This is an ideal piece for a book on your experiences of losing your sight like we talked about last night, should you decide to take on that type of project. Love and prayers, Ann check out my blog at

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