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04 06 2014 Poetry: Winter April 6, 2014

It’s National Poetry Month, and here is my submission for the day. Be well all.


A Poem by DP Lyons

The wind blows cold
The snow drifts high
The dusk is painted gray
The power’s out
The Phone is dead
The world is miles away

The boots line up
The coats hang down
The candles burning bright
The fire warms
The embers glow
The chill clings to the night

Eyes gaze out
Through frosted pane
Nor-easter grips the soul
A bitter cold
Comes tumbling down
Winter takes its toll

A chaptered verse
Is read aloud
Young ones listen in
Tales of days
With warmer winds
Caress from deep within

Hands rise high
And sweep on through
The old man blows on past
Moon beams dance
Starlight shines
A winter’s eve is cast

Covers pulled close
As dreams take shape
Restful hearts sleep tight
Smiles and laughter
With spirit freed
Dance towards morning light

04 06 14


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