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2014 04 05 Poetry: Whispers April 5, 2014

This is National Poetry Month, and so, once again, here is a poem I wrote a season or two ago.



Whispers through the years have followed me home.
They take their place beside me, as I roll in the day and carefully tuck it in.
I can hear the voice inside quietly reasoning with my ego.
I can hear the beckoning winds full of questions that dance around the room like a moth along the clover.
It rocks me asleep every night as I lie with eyes wide open.
It turns the pages of my dreams, returning me to a time before my past.
I see the feeling, and hear the touch as I walk through the corridors of my endless sleeping search.
The whispers continue to urge me forward, towards the peaceful unknown.
The whispers tell me it will be ok, and to always keep my gaze straight ahead, no matter what.
The whispers hint of the direction to the next horizon, and gently coax me ahead.
Whispers never forget my name.
They never forget the passions hidden in my smile.
They never forget my past.
They whisper in my ear the familiar lullaby from my mother’s arms.
They whisper the laughter of a crowded room, full of family.
They whisper to me the praise of my father that straightens my direction and explains my purpose.
They whisper the endless calling from my future.
They wrap their arms around me and hug me and hold me, and tell me everything’s going to be alright.
They don’t expect too much of me.
They don’t point fingers my way.
They don’t lead me astray.
They don’t love me any less, or adore me any more,
They just continue to whisper.

DP Lyons


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4 Responses to “2014 04 05 Poetry: Whispers”

  1. Dee Says:

    What a beautiful poem Deon, the warmth,
    the security of a supportive family, a family
    that helps through the difficult times, one
    that gives you a needed hug, or a little push
    to keep one on track…Doing it because of
    What a beautiful poem to wake up this morning
    before beginning my day!!!
    Thanks for being you!
    Big hugs Cuz!

  2. River Road Says:

    Deon, I enjoyed listening to this a couple of time today. It’s beautiful. I love some of the images: “questions that dance around the room ; “questions”

    ” I roll in the day and carefully tuck it in.” I relate to the conflict between mind and spirit here – the different voices they each have, and the differences in their influence on the inner person. The “whispers” speak in a voice of inner vibrations as the mind speaks in verbal language. The mind speaks of fears and the spirit voices speak of “now” without fears.

    I think you have a typo in this sentence. Do you mean they “HOLD me?” They wrap their arms around me and hug me and hole me…

    I could say more, but I think you get the idea – I like it very much! Lynda

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