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2014 03 29 A Spring Day March 29, 2014

The temperature was hovering around fifty today. It didn’t seem real. It didn’t seam possible. It did feel wonderful though, and as I sat on our deck outside the bedroom early this afternoon, I could feel the sun over my right shoulder. For a few moments when the wind died down, it actually felt warm. I turned to face the sun, and the dim shimmer that I saw made me smile from deep inside a long winter’s heart.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a nasty day, full of sleet, snow, rain and a gusting wind out of the west and the south. I remember only too well how March came roaring in like a lioness on the hunt. The storms were lining up, one after the next, ready to pounce on those still unexpecting souls who were wandering around out in the cold, looking for spring. Well, spring did finally show up three weeks later, but you wouldn’t know it with all the freezing and crunching and slipping and sliding going on. With the snow still piling up, it looked more like winter was just getting under way. The snow banks were high, the driveway was a sheet of snow and ice, the birch trees were bowing their heads, hailing to the one and only King of Winter, the Old Man himself. Each day the sunlight stretched higher , and the shadows grew shorter across the fields of snow, and as the moon made its way around our blue marble once again, March’s final days took shape for 2014.

I’m not sure what the weather holds for the day after tomorrow, but time will tell its tale, and all will be as it should be. Usually, mother nature’s weathered hand deals us in, no matter if we want to play another round or not.

Come on April! Let’s have it already! I’ve been waiting for you since that first day when the thermometer dipped below freezing last November! It’s only been a little more than four months, but it feels like four years, and I feel like four winters have slowly gone by.

I went out back this evening to let the doggies do their business, and I swear I could hear the snow melting. It was a glorious sound, full of life and promises of warmer days. I know that those days full of sunshine are only a few lunar orbits away, but I’m sure they will be greeted this spring with their share of welcoming smiles.

The lambs of spring are poised, ready to graze their way across the coming fields of clover. It might take some time for the color of green to finally show itself, but like always, the painted strokes will come.

The birds seemed more alive today. The cardinal’s song chorused through the morning with a purpose I hadn’t heard since last fall, and as I slowly made my way along the high, narrow path through the snow and approached the bird feeder this morning, a squirrel waited for me on top of the hanging seed house, as if he was letting me know that I was late, and he had a lot of work to do on a warm March day. He finally did jump up and run along the top of the chain link fence, but before I made it half way back to the garage, he was right back there, gobbling up his morning breakfast. The chickadees patiently waited nearby in the apple tree, as they normally tend to do. I love those little guys. They never complain about the falling mercury, the harshness of the winds, or the unforgiving snows and rains. They just keep on being chickadees. How simple is that?

Spring has sprung, and I hope it finally shoves the old geezer out of the way until the colors of fall give way to the old coot once again.

Happy Spring!


4 Responses to “2014 03 29 A Spring Day”

  1. Dee Says:

    Nice post Cuz! Wearing rubber boots here today, may need to add a life jacket too, lots of melting here, flooding too! I do believe
    spring has sprung! WOO-DOUBLE-HOO!!!! Come on Robins!!!!! (:

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Hey there cousin of mine. I’m gonna break out the rubber ducky and the skiff because it’s melting fast. The end of our driveway is under water, and the sump pump is just kicking into gear. Is this out like a lamb? grin xo dp

  2. Dee Says:

    Not certain who wrote this poem….
    (: Dee

    Bad Luck Rubber Duck
    A rubber ducky

    was not so lucky

    He got flushed out to sea

    For many days

    On the ocean waves

    Would that rubber ducky be

    He sailed through sun

    He sailed through storm

    To places cold and places warm

    He carried on sailing

    Without a sail

    Until he got eaten by a whale

    The duck was now stuck

    Inside the whale’s belly

    Where everything was rotten and smelly

    To escape would be tricky

    But it’s what he had to do

    If he didn’t want to be part of the whale’s poo

    He would make the whale sneeze
    With pepper and peas

    Was the plan that he created

    He got the bits

    From swallowed ships

    And out the blowhole he was evacuated

    Up and up he could see daylight

    On jet of water flying high

    When he got caught by a bird passing by

    The bird then dropped him

    On a desert isle

    The duck would be there a while

    But soon the weather changed

    And the tide it rose

    Until it came up to ducky’s nose

    It’s not so bad

    The luck he had

    As now the duck is free

    Because he sails in the biggest bath of all

    When the tide takes him out to sea

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