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2013 12 03 Christmas Poem “Boots” December 2, 2013

The following poem, “Boots”, along with many other pieces, can be found in my recently published book, “Ready, Set, Poetry” which can be found in digital and paperback on

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

“Dedicated to Santa Claus”


Boots all polished with mirrored black
Stand empty, by the door
Red coat, hanging, trimmed with white
Like all the years before

Woolen socks, washed and darned
Lie folded on a chair
On top of thick, red woolen pants
Hand sewn, with Mama’s care

On a table top, a pair of gloves
Tanned and stretched and worn
Beside a long, red stocking hat
That’s soon to be adorned

Twilight casts through window pane
The Eve of Eves is here
Through opened door, the bearded one
Enters with glowing cheer

Barefoot patter round the floor
Red thermals, right in tune
Rocking chair beside the fire
With view of crescent moon

Reaching out, he grabs his socks
And slips his feet inside
Special made, with wiggle room
And loads of elfin pride

He rocks and smiles with cheeks aglow
And drifts back through the years
Starry flights through Northern Lights
Filled with Christmas cheer

Reaching for his woolen pants
He slowly steps in through
Black suspenders snap on tight
As they normally tend to do

Bending down, he grabs his boots
And moves back to his chair
His socks fit snugly, deep within
Warmed with Elfin care

Again, he pauses, with a smile
And strokes his bearded chin
Visions of wishes, full of smiles
Hand wrapped, from deep within

Standing up, he grabs his coat
And quickly slides it on
Shiny buckle on a belt of black
Will hug him tight till dawn

Full length mirror upon the wall
Reflects a timeless gaze
Pulling him back through eves of past
And a thousand Christmas days

He grabs his leather gloves and hat
And hurries out the door
The embers from the fireplace
Glow bright with midnight’s chore

Down the stairs and through the halls
A chorus starts to build
A thousand hearts sing out with cheer
As dreams are packed and filled

Wooden doors are opened wide
A sight to surely see
Harnessed reindeer, two by two
Waiting, patiently

Celebrated time has come
All bow and hear his call
He climbs upon the ancient sleigh
And praises one and all

He slides his hands into his gloves
And pulls his hat down tight
Eyes sparkle as he grabs the reins
And stares into the night

Breathless hush collects the crowd
A North wind starts to blow
Booming call rings through the night
“Ok now Boys, let’s go!”

Pulling strong, with reindeer pride
Hooves veer left, then right
Sleigh bells ring, as antlers sing
They jump, and catch the night

With smiles wrapped in a jolly laugh
They race towards the dawn
A cheering crowd bids farewell
With celebrated song

One more eve is under way
Traditions hold proud and true
A magic night, a wondrous sight
A Christmas, just for you


4 Responses to “2013 12 03 Christmas Poem “Boots””

  1. Hi Deon, I like the poem and am looking forward to reading more. Is the book available on Bookshare?

    • DP Lyons Says:

      Hi Abbie. thanks, and no, it’s not available on BookShare. I’m trying to get it on Barnes and Noble, but there’s only so much of that process I can do myself. dp

      • It’s not hard to get it on Bookshare. You don’t even have to be a member. Just go to and click on the link that says, “Contribute” or something like that. You’ll need to download, sign, and mail an author letter of consent. Then you can just e-mail them the book in an rtf format or mail a copy along with your author letter of consent. It’s that simple, and once it’s done, it usually doesn’t take long for the book to appear in the collection. Since Kindle and Nook devices aren’t always accessible to those of us who can’t see, you’ll reach a wider audience this way. Good luck.

  2. I always thought it was funny that everyone got their gender wrong. Only female reindeer retain their antlers through the winter. Now would Santa have named a male reindeer Dancer, or Vixin? Ah Den,

    smoke signals Sent from quietwater’s iPhone


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