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2013 11 24 November’s Child “An Acrostic Holiday Poem” November 25, 2013

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November’s Child
“An Acrostic Thanksgiving Poem”

Tales of a year past dance around the room
Happy faces burst alive with life and love
Autumn’s chorus rings out amidst the promise of winter winds
November’s child is cradled with a comforting song

Kindle and fire burn warm with nostalgic light
Salutations bare the meaning, truth be told
Goodness with grace marks one more month upon the year
Images of the past reflect upon a timeless gaze

Vines of harvest soothe the hungered spirit
Innocence of youth replenishes the heart
New meanings gather ’round an ancient phrase
Grace and blessings join hands, giving thanks to one and all

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All


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