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2013 11 01 Time November 1, 2013

It’s funny how time has a way of changing things. I suppose that in time, it changes everything. How would you know though? How would you be able to keep track of, everything.


What was so important to me twenty years ago doesn’t even make sense today. I don’t mean family and friends and feelings and such. I’m talking about what we did, what we had, what we surrounded ourselves with. How I spend my days these days is so different than back then. Ten years ago I didn’t even know how to touch type. I didn’t know what a word document is. I didn’t know what a hot key was, or a hyper link, or a perma link, or a blog post, or an app, or a hot spot, or a wifi, or a webinar, or a header, or a podcast or so many other things. The digital superstore has unloaded with so much technology these past few years, that honestly, I think I couldn’t have picked a better time to lose my sight. I suppose though that I would have said that ten years ago, or twenty years ago, or thirty, or forty. Whatever the time is, whatever the date is, or was, we thought we had it all, right at the precise time that we had it.


Technology has stayed right there beside us all these years, churning and burning it’s way into tomorrow, but always staying right there beside us, right where it belonged. All the amazing advancements, all the awesome advantages, all the additional additions came screaming towards us at blinding speeds, but we seemed to keep pace with it all, no matter how fast it seemed to move, no matter how superior it seemed compared to that other thing that we were all of a sudden setting on the shelf to collect dust. It all came to be, and it was all because of, we. You have to admit, some things that are invented and developed and tested and just appeared, some of them, we take one look at it and think to ourselves, “Holy crap! How the heck did they ever think of this?” Well? How on earth did they think this stuff up? How did someone all of a sudden one day say, “I think I’m going to invent a computer chip that can perform fourteen million more tasks per millisecond than the one I invented two months ago.” How do they do that? I mean, how do they do that?


I couldn’t have picked a better time to go blind. The amazing advances in assistive technology alone is reason for someone like me to run outside and do a Snoopy dance in the middle of the road, In My Underwear! what a sight that would be!


On second thought, probably not.


I have always loved tecky sorts of things. I remember the first computer my wife brought home, eons ago, or so it seems. I was so scared of that thing that I didn’t even dare to look at it. It was like having a slice of tomorrow, right there in our living room. It was weird, it was scary, it was futuristic, and I just couldn’t see myself grabbing hold of something so , tomorrow.


It was a 386 processor or something like that. It used those old flimsey floppy discs that held twelve kilobytes or some incredibly huge storage capacity structure  like that. The first time I was able to get online with the thing, and watched the web page load in two and a half minutes, I thought the world was heading into the outer limits. I thought the twilight zone had invaded my living room! I thought I was hurdling into the future at the speed of dial up!


If I had to put up with an internet connection as slow as that was, right now? Are you kidding me? I would probably have the pc out on the front lawn tomorrow morning with a “Take Me!” sign on it. I tried to figure out how much faster I am online now, compared to back then. I believe we were online at 24.4 kbps, and now, super duper lightning quick moca toca latte turbo boost speeds up to 30mbps? I mean, huh? I am pulling in speeds  twelve hundred times faster! Holy moly, that’s fast!


It is such an incredibly good time to be a geek. With all the new stuff heading in our directions, smart phones, surface tablets, touch screen lap tops, voice over accessibility, video chatting with a hand held picture doohickey , just like Dick Tracy. Dick who?


The future is here, and we’re smack dab in the middle of it. You can reach out and touch it with your fingertips, and if you can’t reach it, just Google it, or  use Tap Tap See and, presto! Everything you need to know is right there, at your fingertips once again! No, I’m not kidding. It’s for real!


What we consider as important now didn’t even exist ten years ago. What we think we can’t live without these days wasn’t even invented when I had brown hair. What we think we absolutely, positively need in our day to day lives today, was the future of technology just a few years ago.


Can you imagine what it’s gonna be like ten years from now?


I hope they still have chocolate!


4 Responses to “2013 11 01 Time”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–I used to think that my paternal grandmother had witnessed in her lifetime the greatest degree of change. She came from Italy to the USA on a ship, then walked almost everywhere that she needed to go. In her latter years, she bravely flew on a jet plane to visit her daughter and her family in New Jersey. After many years of living on a farm with no electricity and only an outhouse, she and my grandfather moved to a “modern” home in my small town when I was in highschool. Nevertheless, just last weekend, my sister and I were discussing how much change has occurred in our lifetime. Your post this evening has capsulized precisely this vast amount of change that our generations are living through. Thanks for expressing this phenomenon so fully and well. Take care! AJM

  2. daddylion Says:

    it is kind of mindbogeling isn,t it-verry scary for me ,i still use the hunt and peck typing style -lol-it takes me a while ,but i [ get her done ] well writtrn dp loved it —kwil

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