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2013 09 22 Higher Powered September 22, 2013

A friend of mine started a blog the other day, and parts of their first few posts have included their relationship with God. What a wonderful way to start a new blog.


You can find there new blog at the following link:


I have never thought of myself as a real religious person, but then again, I have probably compared myself, religiously speaking,  to those who you see preaching and trying to convert others all the time. That’s not for me and it more than likely never will be.


I believe in a higher power. I choose to call that higher power God. I have always believed in God. Even though I had never seen his form, I still believed in Him and still do to this day. I believe that the beauty I see in each day is a gift from God. I believe that we all have the ability and right to believe in Him, or any other form of what we choose to conceive and believe in. It’s a wonderful right that we all have, and it is a gift that we hopefully will all take part in some day.


I also believe that if we choose, we do not have to believe in a higher power. If we choose not to, it is our right and no one should tell us other wise. I understand that some of those who believe will always try to make believers out of those who don’t, and vice versa. It’s common human nature to try and influence others to grab hold of your own beliefs, in religious ways, as well as in other ways concerning other things. It’s what we do and it’s who we are. In order for us to feel more involved with our own beliefs, some of us need to have others around us believe in the same sorts of things, whether they be loyalty to a sports team, love of a certain automobile, fanciful fetishes of fine cuisines, or what we feel is the Creator of everything that is. Human conformity is what helps keep the passion in our hearts and the purpose in our strides.


I believe in God. I always have. I don’t know what He looks like, or sounds like, but I know what He feels like, and it is wonderful. I have prayed before and felt the gentle touch of His hand on my shoulder. I have felt Him pick me up and show me which way to go. I said that I don’t know what He sounds like, but I have felt His soothing voice run through my body and soul, taking the innocence of a young child inside by the hand, taking the scared, wandering young man by the hand, taking the lost, pleading billy goat by the hand and showing him the way to go.


I don’t have anything against those who don’t believe in God. I don’t hate or dislike or look down on or make fun of their decisions. I can only tell them how important my God is to me, and hope that something in their lives turns them around the corner and right into His arms.


There have been times in my life when I wasn’t too sure if God was on my side. I never doubted His existence, but there were times when I wasn’t sure if he was looking out for me. Things just didn’t go well at times, and yes, there were those lowly moments when I actually felt like I had to blame Him for what was going on with my life. It’s not a very good moment when we are willing to make a deal with the devil himself to avoid life’s trials and tests. Such was how it was when I lost my vision. I was alone, lost, crying inside, scattered amongst my bitter thoughts, and there wasn’t much I wouldn’t have done to get my vision back.


I have prayed so much since then, and I have been answered with the simple truth to all my prayers. I believe now that I lost my vision so that I might be able to learn how to see. One for the other, this for that, true vision for misguided views. My sight was replaced with an inner vision that I have gained. I am still learning what it is that I’m looking at, but with His divine guidance, along with inspiration from others who have slid into my life, I will understand what it is that I am supposed to see. So far, it has been a look through my past, my heart, and my soul, taking me through the visions of yesterday and hopefully preparing me for the visions of tomorrow.


I believe in God, and I welcome you and all your beliefs. With one sun, one moon, one world full of individual desires, we may all be heading in the same direction and not even know it. We may all be learning the same things, just in our own unique time and place. We may all have the same chartered destinations, and we may all have the same goals in mind, but no matter what, we will all see to it in our own time, with our  own beliefs, in our own chosen ways.


I have prayed, I have cried, I have fallen to my knees in front of my God. I have told Him that I am sorry for my sins. I have felt His soothing, calming hand upon my soul. I listen for guidance and walk towards tomorrow beside my God.


May God bless you all and have a wicked good day.


2 Responses to “2013 09 22 Higher Powered”

  1. wwannwrites Says:

    Thanks for promoting my blog, and I agree with you whole heartedly, we are supposed to win souls for Christ, but we can do that by showing our love for Jesus in the way we live. Love and prayers, Ann

  2. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–God bless you for sharing these Heaven-sent thoughts! May your belief continue to comfort you in days and years to come. AJM

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