Feeling the warmth of the sun on a cloudy day. A glimpse into a blind billy goat's unique, ever changing perspectives.

2013 09 16 Poetry: Car September 16, 2013




The wind whistles in through the barely open window

the smattering of tires on wet pavement strain the concentration

Windshield wipers sway back and forth like a gold pocket watch

Restless fingers tap on a cracked dashboard


Rear view mirrors reflect a foggy past

The radio tunes in and out of a top ten song

A lone maple leaf clings to the wiper for dear life

Three empty cans roll back and forth on the back seat floor mat


A busted belt buckle on the vinyl seat cries out for help

The car turns left while a hubcap rolls right

A tire jack in the trunk slams against an empty cooler

The glove compartment door springs open, again


The cup tray is stuck, half open

The volume knob on the radio falls off, again

The right rear speaker rattles as a song on the radio hits a low note

The engine belt slips and squeaks, again


The needle on the gas gauge reads one eighth of a tank

The check engine light flashes, then stays on, again

The inspection sticker ran out three days ago

You look over at her and grab her hand as she winks, smiles and steps on the gas




2 Responses to “2013 09 16 Poetry: Car”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–you display your many talents so well in a variety of genres. Coincidentally, I am to receive your poetry book in the mail today. When I pick up the box, I like to say, “I know the author who wrote this book.” I am looking forward to saying this for a second time and to having a copy of your second book. Best wishes–AJM

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