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2013 09 14 A Thing Or Two September 14, 2013

A Thing Or Two

A poem by DP Lyons




I ain’t got a lot of vision,

And what I have is all I got

I ain’t got much money

But I sure like what I bought


I ain’t got time for all this thinkin’

So I write down what I thunk

I write and type  the time away

It’s a pretty hefty chunk


I know what I believe in

And I know a thing or two

What I feel I think I know

Is what I’m s’posed to do


I guess I got a lot of time

I hear it tick away

That ticking tocking restless clock

It ticks and tocks all day


I think I’m pretty lucky

To have the things I do

The family, faith, the hope and love

The sunlight shining through


I ain’t got much vision

But what I got is mine

I’ll savor everything I see

It’ll do just fine




One Response to “2013 09 14 A Thing Or Two”

  1. Paula Says:

    Says it all, doesn’t it? Sweet!

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