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2013 09 01 Poetry – Narrows of the Bay September 1, 2013

Hi everyone.


The following poem I am submitting is also  found in my recently published compilation of my poetry, entitled,

“Ready, Set,Poetry”


You can purchase a paperback or digital copy at the following link:


This poem is written from countless memories I have from my childhood, through my adult years. It’s about a small Down East town that had a certain heart beat, a certain feel, A certain way of capturing the imaginations, a certain place to be, and will always hold a certain place in my heart.


Thanks for the memories, and keep waiting for the sun to rise.




Narrow’s of the Bay



Summer time raises its head over the salt water flats

Buoy bells ring out across the early August morn

A lone seagull cries out from atop the canning factory roof

The day’s first tide marches in through the narrows of the bay


A newspaper delivery boy pedals down through a vacant alley

One lonely car makes its way down to the docks

A church steeple stands tall, waiting for the sun

Scattered clouds skip high across morning’s first light


Marquee lights flicker, then  burn bright at the local corner diner

A man sitting on his lunch pail pulls on his fisherman’s boots

Salty air drifts up through the center of town

One by one, the boat engines come alive


Conversations of current events circle the salted planks

Two dogs scamper and run along the downtown shore

A bread truck comes to a stop behind the local grocery 

A fog horn sings out from the watchful harbor light


Two barking seals slide off of the breakwaters edge

A young man on the deck of a boat repairs a lobster trap

A store front awning opens wide and proudly waves hello

A little girl and her mother give daddy a good bye kiss


one by one, the boats leave their wake as they head out to work, ,

A squadron of seagulls escorts the plowing hulls out to sea

A growing quiet settles in upon the emptying docks

One more hot Summer’s day wraps itself around the small, down eastern town




4 Responses to “2013 09 01 Poetry – Narrows of the Bay”

  1. alice13zoe Says:

    What a wonderfully inspirational setting for a writer to grow up and live! Some people are attracted to the mountains, others to the Great Plains, and others to the desert. I have always been drawn to water, coastal areas. Thus, I find your poems about the Maine coast especially appealing. Best wishes on the publication of your new book of poetry! AJM

  2. In this poem you have given the reader a God’s eye view of a certain place and season. There is a feeling of loneliness and solitude that is established with the very first line of the poem. We have our first introduction to the day and season – and Summer is something that has a “head” and the ability to orchestrate the activities a place.
    In that first stanza we again have the isolation and loneliness reaffirmed when we see that “lone seagall” and hear it’s “cry.” I felt so sad, somehow, when I heard that cry.

    The poem continues to give us a list of the people, animals, and their activities. The way the poem lists so many of them as “A” at the beginning of many lines gives the feeling of reading a list aloud and then moving on to the next thing on the list. This adds to the distance and separation we feel as we continue to look down from a high place at the activities and motions of this day.

    And, after watching it all, we are again there with the “Hot Summer” that seems to have orchestrated all of the activities we have witnessed. We are bystanders who are “watching” and “listening” yet we are never “in” the poem nor do we partake of any of the activities of that day. We are voyeurs, watching and unseen by anyone.
    This poem is exquisite and spare.

  3. Hi Deon, congratulations on the publication of your poetry book. I’m looking forward to reading more.

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