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2013 08 20 Hello Sully Street! August 20, 2013

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Morning webbers!

I posted on my author’s site, (, last night that I have been having issues with my Kindle version of Sully Street, which had made it unavailable as of last Saturday, the 17th of August. I had tried to update the interior of the book and ended up creating a whole new Kindle file which messed things up. The paperback version was still available, but not the digital.

Well, I can tell you that the Kindle version is up and running again. It is now 650 or so pages, up from the original version which is 450 pages, the same as the paperback. I upped the font size from 12 to 13, hopefully making it more readable for some folks. The font style has also been changed from Times New Roman, to Ariel Block Bold, which is also more legible.

I apologize for any inconvenience thismay have caused some of you, and do hope you will give the new version a try.

You can find both the paperback and Kindle versions at the following links:


Kindle Digital:

Well, that’s just about it. I invite you to visit my Amazon Author’s page also, which is reachable from both of the book’s pages. Leave a comment, start a thread, stick your tongue out at me, it’s all good, and I welcome the traffic.

I have talked to a lot of you who have read the book already, and I really do appreciate your comments and words of encouragement. It sort of feels like I am putting my kid onto the school bus for his first day of school sometimes. Weird, but true. I hope he doesn’t give the bus driver any guff, but then again, why should he be any different than me? grin

Thanks folks, and I hope this finds you all well.




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