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2013 07 28 Poetry “I Can” July 28, 2013

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   I Can

A Poem by DP Lyons



I can see the faint glow of another newly painted dawn

I can hear the call of the morning crow waking the day

I can smell the misty dew poured out onto the rising clover

I can feel the beat of the pounding hearts along their way


I can hear the restless clocks ticking in time with the anxious footsteps

I can feel the rumble of the machines grabbing hold of the never ending demands

I can taste the spice of the life within all who stop and pause

I can hear the answers that try to reason with the questions of the countless


I can walk through the hopes of tomorrow while reflecting back on yesterday’s dreams

I can hear the music and sing along with the soaring chorus of the gathered voice

I can shiver from the cold and wrap myself in a thousand toasty daydreams

I can recall a story of one mans gentle kindness while lending a hand to a needy few


I can run through the field without any worry and hardly a care

I can swim along the rapid currents and drift away, towards the open sea

I can scratch and claw my way over the top and trudge on towards the next

I can remember the faces as the memories of their voices speak to me



3 Responses to “2013 07 28 Poetry “I Can””

  1. Hi Deon, this is a great poem. You should submit it to Magnets and Ladders for consideration of publication in the fall/winter issue. The deadline is August 15th, and you’ll find the guidelines at Also, I think our readers would get a kick out of the fiction piece you sent to the Explorations in Creative Writing list this past week. Happy writing!

  2. daddylion Says:


  3. carol lyons Says:

    take the advice of those who know about these things…..share with the world. your thoughts are very,very special. we love them and so will everyone else…….poetry is a special gift you have within your soul 11 mom

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