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2013 06 08 Home Sweet Home June 8, 2013

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There’s no place like home. Home is where the heart is. Far from home. Homeward bound.


There are so many sayings that envelope the meaning of that simple four letter word, home. It is a simple word, with a complex significance that should not be overlooked.


Anyone who has read some of my writings knows that I place a large importance on who I am, being linked to my family. One thing has remained constant through all of my existence, and that is a home. No matter where I have lived throughout my life, there has been a home, exactly where I was, wrapped tightly around me. Some of them have had more walls than the previous, or the next, but they have been a home none the less. All it really takes is some walls, throw in a roof or two,  and the added ingredients of what makes us up, family.


My parents have lived in many places, and no matter where they have been located, when ever I have traveled to visit them, it feels like I’m going home. Their smiling faces and soothing voices are the final ingredient that gives it its final touch. I always kid with my mom that whenever I go to  visit her and dad, as soon as I walk into their house, I feel tired. I guess that I get such an overwhelming feeling of comfort and security being with them, that it relaxes me to the point of complete comfort. I also get this feeling when I visit my brothers and sisters homes as well. I think all you need to do is add family, and you have instantaneously created a home.


I do not get this same feeling when I go to visit friends. The feeling just isn’t there.


We create our homes, and collect our stuff to put in our homes. I remember the George Carlen skit about “stuff” and he was absolutely right. Our stuff, collected inside our homes, is a snapshot of who we are. I am a pack rat by nature, and that has affected my home, to the point of never ending clutter. I remember my sister telling me that if you don’t use it within two years, get rid of it. How is that possible? What happens if three years from now you come up with a situation requiring usage of said item? What do you do then? I just can’t take that risk, thank you very much.


Our homes are our castles, and as long as I can close the main gate, then I am not going to give anything away. Well, maybe for a wicked good price.


I have lived in the same home for nearly thirty years, and it surrounds me with everything I have needed, wanted, craved, yearned for, and later found that I never actually needed, but wouldn’t dream of giving up.


The fads, and gadgets and gimmicks and must have’s and have not’s have come and gone. Made in Japan, china, Indonesia, Nepal, Yugoslavia, Mexico, South Korea, and occasionally,”Made in The USA. Those have become the rare ones, almost to the point of being collectible memorabilia.


My rooms are full of this stuff. My barn was full of this stuff. My garage is bursting at the seams with this stuff. It is all mine, and it is in my home.


A home is such a gift. It is what people strive to acquire, and keep. It is a statement of success. It is an emblem of America, and many other parts of the world. A home is what defines you, and tells all else who you are, and what your passions are. It is the defining moment of clarity that fully describes all of the what’s, the who’s, the why’s, the where’s, the when’s, and the why for’s. It’s all there, neatly packaged, adequately arranged, and conveniently placed for all to see. Well, maybe not all, but anyone whom we deem appropriate enough to share with.


Shelves full of photo albums, full of pictures, full of memories that take you from here, back to there, with the flip of a page. What a wonderful concept, collecting snapshots of who we are, who we were, and when and where we were whatever we wanted to be.


A home for everything you ever wanted. A home for all that you ever needed. A home for everything you will ever need. A home that you can call, home. Just saying the word gives me a warm, secure feeling. Four simple letters. One amazing word that will live forever. One amazing concept that brings all of the love, together, under one roof, in one place, for one purpose. Family. One purpose set in stone, through the ages, and forever in time. One simple word with so much meaning. So much to talk about. So much to remember. So much to share, and give, and hold tightly to. One simple word with one simple smile, waiting at the door with a kiss and a hug. One simple word under a night’s sky, full of a million stars. One simple word that has a way of cradling your soul, and lifting your spirits. One simple word that warms on a cold winter’s night, and cools on a warm summer’s eve.


Home. Four little letters, forming four little walls. Four little letters that form a frame of mind by merely uttering them. Four little letters that have withstood the tests of time. Four little letters that mean something different to each and every one of us.


I prefer to keep mine, right here, in my front pocket. Easy access to one of life’s truly beautiful things.


I’ll catch you all later on. I’m heading home now. Home is where my heart is, after all, that’s why I call it, home.


Home, sweet home.



4 Responses to “2013 06 08 Home Sweet Home”

  1. Even a bad home is better than none at all. When I was exiled to Jericho Hill School for the Deaf and Blind, I longed for home. My dad was an alcoholic and Mom was a nag, yet I would have rather been there than in the sterile confines of that uncaring institution. June was a special month for us all. We knew we’d be away from that horrid place for 2 whole months. When I started out on my own, I felt pleased that I had a space to call my own. Thanks solely to God’s kind providence, I now own my own house. Until he calls me to my eternal home, I’ll love and take care of this home he provided for me.

  2. alice13zoe Says:

    Deon–Your wonderful essay about “home” has truly touched me and mirrored my sentiments. In guide dog work, one of the commands learned is “find home” which I think is another wonderful phrase to ponder. May your home be blessed each day! Alice

  3. Paula Says:

    Amen, Brother. There is no place like home…and family or friends that feel like family (and home). May be always be blessed with all of the above. PJ

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