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2012 11 25 It’s The Most Wonderful Trend Of The Year November 25, 2012

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I always considered myself as sort of a trendy person. If it was popular, if it was in style, if it was the latest trend, I either wanted it, had it, or at least knew about it. There have been periods in my life when my ulterior motivations were secretly driven by whatever the latest fad was, and by God, I had to have it! I had to have it, and if I couldn’t have it, or get it quickly, the world stopped revolving until I had it in my clutches, firmly in my possession, and no one else’s but mine. I wanted it, needed it, craved it, lusted for it, yearned for it and yes, I desired it like nothing I had ever desired before. If I couldn’t get it, how was I going to go on living? I mean holy crap! Everyone else had it or was getting it, right? I mean look at all those happy faces! How could anyone keep from wanting what everyone else already had? How could life go on? Someone stop the world, I need to get me one too!


Different periods in my life have been driven by different desires, different fads, different trends, and all of them came, and went. How fast can someone fill a closet with yesterday’s trendy items? Well, let me just show you! Oh wait, that’s right, they’ve been sold through Uncle Henry’s already, and for a heck of a lot less than I originally paid for the most amazing items in the world.


Infomercials, news paper ads, radio spots, talk around the water coolers on Monday mornings, huge window displays, it’s all so maddening and distracting! How is anyone supposed to get anything done when all they can think about is stuff that they don’t have? I mean Jeezum Crow, they start playing holiday music and Christmas commercials before Thanksgiving now. What’s going on!


I remember when I was a kid, lying on the living room floor, or sitting at the kitchen table, flipping through the Sears Wishbook Catalog for hours and hours. Page after page of trendy little trinkets of children’s fantasies and dreams, coming alive, page after page, right before my very eyes! I wanted it all, and I wanted Santa to bring it to me! Santa, being the clever elf that he was, did manage to bring to my house so many wonderful trends, and I loved them one and all. Thanks Santa. You da man!


As I grew, so did my fervor for the trendables. It grew, and so did the cost of being a trend driven consumer. If I went to my folks home in Michigan and saw one of the kids playing a cool new gaming device called Nintendo, well by god, I had to go home and get me one, and right quick! I blamed it on my 5 year old son’s cravings and desires. It had nothing what so ever to do with his twenty eight year old kid of a father pouting to his wife until she let him purchase the toy of a lifetime, nothing to do with it at all!


Huh? Who am I kidding? Certainly not my wife.


Man oh man, was that one of the coolest trends though, I mean, Super Mario, and all the fixings. It didn’t get any trendier than that.


From Nike pump sneakers, to Starter Hoodies, to whatever else cluttered up my persuadable semi-adult mind, it was all a trendy collection of have to have’s that spun around my head until I drove my wife crazy with the, “can I’s” and “Pretty please’s”.


You have to admit though that some of the trendy little nuggets that were around when we were kids, or at least when I was a kid were just amazing. I mean, Silly Putty, and Super Balls, and Snow Flings, and Speedway Sleds, and Slinky’s, and Sting Ray Bikes. Don’t ever forget Tonka Trucks, Hot Wheels and G I Joes, probably three of the best trends ever created, if I do say so myself. So many trends, and so little time.


Sea Monkeys, Duncan Butterfly Yo-Yo’s  and the bags of a thousand plastic Army Men that you could talk your folks into buying for you from the back pages of a Scrooge McDuck comic book, and then later on with the Walk Man’s and  I am getting dizzy with all of them.


I don’t do too many trends these days. I suppose that ninety percent of the influence was visual. I still hear things that intrigue me and make my heart start to skip, thinking about buying the item, but it doesn’t have the same trendy, faddish magic that it used to. I mean throw a screaming seller’s voice on the TV, trying to convince you that you definitely have to get this or else, well, it just isn’t the same. It’s almost a relief not to have to put the images with the audio. They go together so well too.


My trend filled days are for the most part, a thing of the past. I am wearing the same shirts and sweats I bought ten years ago. I wear the same thirteen dollar Wal Mart sneakers, no matter what the weather is. I wear the same socks I have had since 9-11, and they still feel wonderful. I eat from the same plates and bowls, drink the same drinks, use the same cheap dish washing liquid, and I have had the same Spinbrush for almost ten years. Still cleans the teeth, although I need to get another new brush head for it.


Call it a trend. Call it a fad. Call it a hunch or a whim or a hidden unknown passion. Call it whatever you want to, it’s all the same. You see it, you want it, you have to have it, you buy it, you realize how insignificant it is, you yawn at it, you throw it in the closet, you sell it for pennies on the dollar and then head right out to find and purchase the next little trend of a lifetime.


God, I love this country!


3 Responses to “2012 11 25 It’s The Most Wonderful Trend Of The Year”

  1. Hi Deon, I’m not one to jump on trends, at least not right away. I didn’t think I needed a computer, but now, I have two of them. I didn’t think I needed a cell phone, but that changed when I became Bill’s full-time caregiver and needed to be able to stay in touch with him when I left the house. An iPhone I’ll probably never have. I know blind people who use them, but I don’t want to take the time to learn to use a touch screen, and I don’t want to use a wireless keyboard with one because that will defeat the purpose. Of course if I become a best-selling author, traveling around the country all the time, and need a way to keep up with e-mail without hauling a computer around, I may change my mind if I can’t find something with buttons.

    • dplion Says:

      Morning Abbie. I think sometimes we jump on the trend bandwagon without even knowing it. Hav3e a good day.


      Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

      Vivian Green

  2. Paula Says:

    Nice blog on how easily we get caught up with the material (yet fleeting and rapidly passing) world. Thanks for reminding me to stop and think before buying: “Do I really need this, or is it just something I want?” What a challenge fighting that fight is, to most of us. LU. pj

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