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2012 06 19 I Think I’ve Lost My Mind! June 19, 2012

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I think I have lost my mind. Have you seen it? Did it come screaming through here a few seconds ago? Have you seen something whipping around the room at lightspeed, totally out of control?
Yes, that would be it. In all it’s glory, and all it’s blinding metaphores and adaptable cliches. That would be it.
I’m sorry, but it is fairly apparent that I can not control it, slow it down, or keep up with it. It goes where it wants, when it wants, as fast as it wants, as often as it wants. It comes to a screaching halt, just to snap your head back as it tears off down the road, once again. I just can’t seem to come close to figuring out how to stop it. Listen, can you hear that? Yup! That’s it, laughing at me!
I suppose it wouldn’t be so bad, but I never know where the stupid thing is going next. I can never tell what to expect, or how to prepare for what’s coming around the next corner, and believe me, those corners come at you quick as a jack rabbit.
No warnings, no road signs, no speed limit signs, nothing, just wide open spaces with unlimited data streams and huge amounts of digital storage capacity.
If it would slow down for just a second so that I could, well, there it goes again. Off and running. Turn and burn. Gotta scoot. Catch ya later. And there it was, gone.
It wasn’t so bad when I was young, I mean, I could keep up with it for the most part back then. It was usually chugging along, right there beside me, and I could reach out and grab a clue once in a while.
Now? Forget about it. It’s a hopeless cause, wrapped around a pitiful attempt at keeping up. Whenever I do manage to finally catch up with it, there it goes again, leaving me behind in a dust cloud of impressive magnitude, exactly like i’m standing still. What up with that anyway? Hello?
Is this a joke? Is this a poor attempt at humor? Is this what I have to look forward to for the duration? Did I really get to the point when I should be carrying around a white towel in myback pocket?
And another thing, how does my mind expect me to remember half of the stuff that it is hurdling me through? I mean, someone, please, a road map would be nice! Tom Tom hell, this thing has it’s own GPS software.
Did time and life fly by back then as fast as it does today? Did all of those memories spin through the fabric of my past as fast as the new ones are coming at me now? How can anyone ever hope to keep up with it all? How can anyone really get a moment to relax these days? How can anyone enjoy a slice of life any more, when the whole pie comes tearing at you all at once? Oh, hello there. It’s me, a whole pie! Open up now!
There it goes again. Huh? Don’t ask me! I don’t have a clue where we’re going next! No phone call, no email, no text message, just me and my little wandering high speed brain fart.
Pitiful, really, when you realize that I have managed to hang on for this long. It’s a wonder I have the time to even tie my shoes with it jumping up and running off at the drop of a hat. Little inconsiderate mind thing.
Oh sure, there you go again, with all your fancy spin moves and high stepping obstacle maneuvers. You actually think I can keep up with, that? Are you crazy? I think you are the one that’s lost your mind, oh wait, that’s me. Sorry.
See? Focus lost. Pertinent information misplaced. Useable data stream deleted. I hope it’s still in the recycle bin.
Nope. Not there. What a surprise! How fitting.
Hey, older than me people, what’s it like up ahead there? Do I ever have a chance of catching up with this thing? Is it ever going to slow down? Am I destined to be forever lagging behind? Is a light bulb going to go off some day, and I’ll finally have a firm grasp on it?
Hey, younger than me little people dudes and dudettes! Better enjoy it while you think you have a handle on it, cuz you see how good you think it is right now? Ha! It ain’t gonna get any better than it is right now kiddies!
I thought I was in control. I thought I had the world by the, umm, ping pong balls. Smile.
I thought I would be just fine.
I can’t even manage to catch up with my mind to find out what I am supposed to be finding out about any more.
Did you see that?
Did you notice that?
There it goes again!
Wait! Am I still writing this blog, or have I started on the next one already? Are we still in today, or has my mind conveniently gone and turned the corner into tomorrow already?
You know, I think I should, umm, I think I might, err, where was I? Hang on a second.
Where did it go running off to this time?
A little help please!

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