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2012 03 18 Did You Feel It? March 18, 2012

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Did you feel it? Did you get a whiff of that special smell? Couldn’t you just feel it run up your back, as the thought of it made you tingle all over?
Well I sure did!
I can remember one spring day, back, oh, a million or so years ago, I looked out the living room window at the road out in front of our house, and I could actually see patches of tar through the ice. The hard packed snow and ice was finally making its spring withdrawal, and I got this tingly feeling all over. As I walked out of the house, and stood in the driveway, I could smell and feel something that seemed to take hold of me. You know the feeling when something incredibly wonderful happens? That feeling that all the pieces of the world suddenly seemed to fit in their proper places, and from the top of your head, all the way down to your toes, a magical sensation took control of your senses? Simply a mystical, magical feeling that I have only felt a few times in my life.
I had the same feeling come over me yesterday as I sat on the front porch steps and listened to my Grandson work his construction project in our front yard, with his Tonka dump truck. Seems that there were some pot holes that needed repairing, and he was more than eager to take on the heavy task.
The thermometer on the west side of the garage was reading seventy-two degrees, and it happened again.
That same special feeling crept down through me, and I was instantly transported back to that spring day in my youth. I was instantly reminded that along with the changes of the seasons, there are also changes in the heart. My spirit was warming up inside, and the thermal blankets were slowly being lifted off me, one by one. It felt wonderful.
I remember back to that time in kidville, to be able to play basketball in the driveway, after having so much snow packed down so thick for such a long time, well, to have a bare tar driveway to bounce a basketball on, now that was something special. Not only that, but to be able to stay out and play, without a coat on? Holy moly, what a day! What a life!
That first bike ride up my road, when you could hear the winter sand crunching under the tires, knowing that just a few short days ago, it was covered in ice and snow. It was spring, and I was ready for it. Don’t get me wrong. I loved winter, and everything that went along with it, but there was just something about the world around me, coming out of its winter slumber. I guess there are too many feelings that come with it to put a finger on just one of them. I think it was the combination of all of them, put together and held out there for me to snatch up. They all mattered, and they all just seemed to fit perfectly.
Spring really is my favorite time of year. There is nothing more soothing to me to watch the bare trees slowly turn green with gentle paint brush strokes that fill the landscape with life.
The spring thaw brought with it a warm soothing feeling that the incredibly special change was pulling me along with it.
As I listened to my Grandson Jack make all those familiar truck noises that go along so well with that type of heavy construction, I looked up, felt the sun on my face, and smiled. It was truly a great day in March. One that I will not forget soon.
I hear it’s supposed to be even warmer today too. I also hear that if I want, I can go outside and plop my dusty winter butt right in the middle of it. I can’t wait!

2 Responses to “2012 03 18 Did You Feel It?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nice! Yesterday I noticed my day lilies werecoming up, also there are buds on our trees…EEK! Where did our winter go???? I am still inwait of my winter ''BLIZZARD!!!'' (:Sounds like Jack had a blast repairing the potholes! Tell him to bring his truck down hereas we need some help with repairs too!!!!!''Happy Early Spring!!!''Thumbs up! Dee

  2. Abbie Taylor Says:

    As far as potholes are concerned, we've got them all over town, and I'm sure the city could use the extra help so please send your grandson and his dump truck up here? By the way, does he still play with the truck you made for him at the rehab center?

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