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01 11 12 Now Where Was I? January 11, 2012

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I originally started this blog to talk about one of the things I hate the most, Cancer.
I have strayed away from that topic, and to tell you the truth, I think I only had maybe a couple of posts that talked about it.
Well, here it is several months later, and I am here to tell you that I still hate cancer. I still hate every thing about it. The way it sounds when it rolls off your tongue. The way it looks on the screen as I type it. “I am kind of glad I can’t see it.” I hate the way it sends chills down the spines of anyone that has to deal with it, and believe me, there is a ton of people that have to deal with this menacing monster.
Cancer took so much from me. It took one look at my life path, and said, “Hey, wait just a second there.”
Left turn.
I am who I am not because of cancer, but in spite of it. There have been many times in my life, like everyone else, when I could have just phoned it in, and mouthed the words the rest of the way. Fortunately, I was not brought up that way. I was not brought up to accept what is the obvious, but to strive for the unexpected.
I never really thought of myself as being handicapped when I was growing up. I could do what any other kid did, and most times better. I could run as fast, swim as far out, jump as high, hit as far, throw as far, or farther. There wasn’t too much that I couldn’t do. I just didn’t look like the other kids is all. No big deal, until I got old enough and girls came into the scene. Stupid girls. You all ruined it. Just kidding. I adore you all. Smile.
There is so much emphasis being put in those six letters now a days. C A N C E R has permanently made it’s mark on our society, and we will never be the same because of it. I hate to say it, but ever since all the work and time has been spent on finding a cure for this wicked beast, it seems as though the disease has become more prominent now than it has ever been. Every one I know has lost someone to this dastardly demon. Everyone I know has seen what havoc this wretched warlord can rein down on it’s unsuspecting prey. All the drugs, and all the pills, with all the money and all the cancer centers, and research centers, and drug developers, and scientists, and still this menace is free to roam around.
How can one disease be caused by so many different things? How can anyone escape the tentacles of this sea monster?
The same form of cancer that I was inflicted with as an infant, was also present in my son when he was born.
By the grace of God, his first born, Jack, was cancer free, and had no trace of the nasty corrupted chromosomes that cause the disease. Our grandson is free from this unwelcome bum, and he will not have to worry about passing it down to his children, as I did.
For the time being, this bubbling banshee has been beaten back. I am forever doing an internal Snoopy dance inside.
I will continue to pray for all those who have gone through the paces with this monster, and I will continue to pray for all those who are, or will have to go face to face with this heavyweight contender. May you all find peace and strength to keep up the fight. May you all always remember and never forget that you will never have to go through this difficult struggle alone. Please also always remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but an awareness of the need for help. It is not a thing to be ashamed of, as I have struggled with in the past. A cry for help gives someone else the opportunity to do the helping, and there is no better feeling than to be able to offer help, or assistance to someone in need.
In the past year and a half, I have been in situations where it was absolutely necessary to ask someone for help, and every time I have been met with people ready and willing to lend a helping hand. It truly is a beautiful feeling to know that help is out there wherever you look. I always had a hard time with this. I always had the gnawing feeling that there would come the time when the person I asked help from would say, “No”, and I would be left out in the cold, alone and scared. That time has not come to pass as of yet, and I really don’t believe it ever will. People truly are kind by nature, and will lend a helping hand at the drop of a hat.
Boy has this entry jumped all over the place. Sorry for that.
I am still chugging along, and will continue to post entries as long as I can manage to find the keys. I really don’t care how many people read this blog. It gives me a good feeling to know that when I hit the “Post” button, my thoughts are etched in stone. It might get all mossy and covered in dust bunnies, but it is still a good feeling.
Thank you all, and have a wonderful day.

3 Responses to “01 11 12 Now Where Was I?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    As always, there is a gift for any one of us who reads your blogs, Deon, and I found mine, once again. Thank you. I love you, Brother! pj

  2. Anonymous Says:

    your sister could not have said it better. we all lived it together as a loving family. we are all still walking the path with you son and we each marvel at you and the way you meet your challenges with open arms! your loving parents.xx

  3. Abbie Taylor Says:

    I lost my mother to cancer in 1999. It wasn't expected to happen. Her oncologist had actually given her a good prognosis the last time he saw her. According to my dad, on the day she died, she went into the bedroom, lay down, and never woke up. I miss her, but I'm getting along without her. I believe we are who we are despite cancer or any other medical condition, not because of that condition or disability.

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