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08 15 11 Inspiration 365 August 16, 2011

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It is funny how people come into your life, and then, with the blink of an eye, they are gone. When the dust settles, it is the ones that are there, standing beside you that matter the most.
This past year has afforded me some amazing relationships. I have had the luxury of meeting some rather incredible individuals. My inspiration this past year is from them, as well as from many of those who have been in, and remained in my life.
Each day that goes by, I realize that most of my positive influence comes from my mom and dad. It is through them that I see all the wonder that this life has to offer. Their inspiration through the course of my life is something that I have overlooked, I have taken for granted, and it is also something that has never waivered nor slightened one bit. It has always been there for me to see when I chose to see. It has always been there for me to build my life around, when I chose to. It has always been the center of who I am, when I chose to acknowledge it. It has always been there, and I am all the better for it.
I have talked in length about my family, and how important they have been, and continue to be to me. I am blessed, and that is something that I no longer take lightly. There are so many people in the world that have not had the love and family surroundings that I have had. If there was some way in which I could give them all a small slice of the pie, I would in a heart beat. This family thing is something that everyone should be able to feel for at least one moment in their lives.
So many positive things have happened to me this past year. I realize it now as I look back over the past year. The positive things are wrapped in a whole bunch of positive people. There really are these kinds of people wherever you look, but you have to remember to look. It is that easy. Seek, and ye shall find. It is a simple recipe really, just add life.
Through all of my moments of despair and torment and wishing that I could jump off of the train that I was on, I found strength to hold on and ride it through. This strength has come from family and from the others that have been put in place this past year.
She will not take any of the credit, and perhaps that is what I admire the most about her, but my first VRC Rep Leona is at the top of the pile of incredibly motivating people I have had the privilege of meeting. She is the spark that I seek. She is the drive that I crave. She is the mentor that has led. She is most of all, a friend, and I am lucky to have her in my life.
I have met many visually impaired people this past year. I had no idea what wonderful and inspirational stories surrounded people such as these. An incredible group of folks that have become amazing people, not in spite of their handicaps, but in a lot of ways, because of their handicaps.
I am the first blind person that I had ever met. I never thought of the blind. I never understood what it meant to be blind, even though I lived my life as a half blind person. I just never really sat down and thought about it. It didn’t affect my life, nor did it ever cross my mind. Selfish? No. I would say ignorance mostly.
I could go on with this blog post forever and a day. I am a fortunate man today. I know what it means to be blind, and I know what kind of people make up the blind community. I am blessed to finally have my eyes open today.
I have so many people to thank over this past year. I have so many people to idolize. I have such an exciting path ahead of me, and that is a lot more than I can say compared to the complacent life I was heading down these past several years.
There are going to be many twists and turns and hills and valleys along the way. I know this. I also know that I will not have to go through them alone.
After all of the crap and meaningless fodder washed out to sea this year, I am left with a fresh smooth beach. I think I am going out to make some tracks in the sand.
Have a great day everyone.

4 Responses to “08 15 11 Inspiration 365”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Matt says: My hat is off to Leona as well

  2. lyonsden11 Says:

    My hat is off to Leona as well !!!!!

  3. lyonsden11 Says:

    comment comment ~ im posting a comment … look at me – posting a comment. Hey guys … what? … Im posting a comment.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I never met Leona, but she sounds like she was an inspiration. It's nice to have someone to look up to.Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author of We Shall Overcomehttp://www.abbiejohnsontaylor.com

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